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Getting Started

If you're ready to start your web project now, the information below is provided to assist you with getting the materials together for your site. Please read through this information and Contact us.

There are four things we need from you to create a site or store:

  1. Your Domain Name - Your first decision is whether you use the name of your company as your domain name (the domain name is what follows the www) or if you use a word or words that summarize your service or product. If you will rely on advertising or promotion to bring in visitors then using your company name makes the most sense. If you plan to bring in most new customers via search engines, then your primary service or product should be embedded in the domain. The domain name is one of the six criteria search engines check when they decide how high to rank you in a search. For some search engines it makes the difference between a high ranking and a low one. Please let us register your domain name if possible. We register all domain names in our clients' name. We can also assist with transferring your current domain name(s). Normally this transfer goes smoothly, however, we cannot guarantee a successful transfer.
  2. Your Categorization System - People have the shortest attention spans when they are on the Internet. Making your message quick and easy to read is essential. This means your site has to load quickly. To make an immediate clear impression means you have to categorize your service or product into an easy to understand categories that will load quickly. We will guide you to not overwhelm any one category with too many graphics or words. We create your navigation system to directly reflect the categories you use to communicate your message. Think about the major categories or sections for your website. e.g. Products, Services, News, etc...
  3. Your Graphic Choices - For some clients, like retailers, this is another challenging step. Picking 50 products from an inventory of 3000 items from 400 vendors can take time. We work from photographs, disks, emailed jpgs, transparencies, negatives or brochure material. Many of our web sites are created from vendor catalog sheets. Processing graphics is the most time consuming step when creating most web sites. Our staff is Photoshop savvy. Tightening up contrast, cleaning up the color, deleting unrelated material, and dropping out backgrounds (to decrease loading time) often takes fifteen minutes per graphic. For most sites, the number of graphics will determine the total cost of your site.
  4. Choosing Your Text - We do not charge for text if you transmit it to us electronically. We just lift it from a disk or e-mail and drop it into your site. If there are sizable amounts of italics, bolds, or unusual indentations, we charge our normal hourly rate for the additional coding. Most sites do not incur any charges. Copy for the web should be clear, concise and easy to read. When writing your copy, consider using a number of keywords that describe your business, services and products. Keywords are the terms that a user will enter in a search engine to find your web site. For instance, if your business is a flower shop, using keywords such as "flower shop", "flower delivery", "gift bouquets" will help your site be found by the search engines. We are always happy to provide assistance in determining effective keywords for your site.

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